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Electronic Device Sales Business

Delivering the latest  technology, information and  electronic devices to Japan and the world 

Excel has won trust from clients thanks to its extensive experience and technological capabilities. As a result, we now supply electronic devices for numerous everyday products  made by key industries such as the automotive and electrical equipment sectors.


We reliably supply LCD components and other electronic devices to our clients through distribution and exclusive distribution agreements with leading manufacturers in Japan and overseas. We also develop solutions for clients tailored to their global requirements, from product development right through to planning, technological support and customization.

Main Products Handled

  • LCD Device
  • Power Supply Module
  • Semiconductors / Integrated Circuits / Electronic Devices

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Main Operations

  • Sales of devices sourced from Sharp, ALPSALPINE and other leading manufacturers
  • Identifying and proposing new suppliers
  • Addressing needs for device modularization and customization
  • Just-in-time parts supply using a global network
  • Developing optimized solutions covering planning and development through to volume production by combining technologies and information