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Our goal is to realize our corporate philosophy Ex21  to launch a new era and continue to make further progress.

EXCEL CO., LTD., has always held that “an enterprise is a public organ.” Dispelling family-run management, it has practiced highly healthy and transparent management, and worked positively to improve management efficiency. This philosophy, advocated since its foundation in 1961, has been the basis for the business operations of EXCEL up to now.
EXCEL is a specialized trading company of electronic devices  that has developed a system to supply cutting-edge technology and information, and superior advanced products and services to customers, and continues to promote this business today.
For our company to continue to be trusted by the society into the future, we have dedicated ourselves to the execution of “Ex21”, and we aim at “contributing to society and improving the value of our company” by sharing the sense of values, mission and objectives among all officers and employees, as well as by working actively on activities in consideration of the environment toward global environmental protection.

Nobuaki Ohtaki
President and CEO
Excel Co., Ltd.