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Excel's Capabilities

Excel is an electronic device trading company focused on LCD components and semiconductor integrated circuits As a trading company with over 50 years
in the business,
Excel uses its network to support domestic
and overseas manufacturers
by supplying advanced products,
information, technologies and services.


We support clients by helping them develop the best
solutions for today's changing global electronics sector

Excel Co.,Ltd. does not only sell electronic devices. electronic devices. It takes part in its clients' planning and designing of products, as well as manufacture and procurement,and provides technical support in relation to the issues concerning development or designing,inclose cooperation with the supplying manufacturers,so that it will provide solutions of various kinds such as customization.Furthermore,it carries out inventory control or order placement on behalf of the clients,as well as the Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) support in which the manufacture of modules (semifinished products) is entrusted,among others.In this way,we continue supporting the actual sites of manufacturing both at home and abroad.

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We supply a wide range of high-quality electronic devices by leveraging our partnerships with world-class manufacturers

Excel has built a network of partnerships with a large number of electronic device makers, including some of the world’s top manufacturers. Through our tie-ups with Sharp, ALPSALPINE and other device makers, we have access to technologies and information that allow us to offer a wide choice of different solutions to our clients.

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Global Supply Chain Global Supply Chain

We have powerful supply network in Japan and in Asia,
where much of the sector’s manufacturing capacity is based

Excel is actively expanding its overseas network to complement existing sites in Japan’s major cities.
We have created a global supply chain by establishing bases in important global manufacturing centers in Asia, such as Hong Kong, Taiwan and Shanghai. This network allows us to provide rapid and dynamic support to our clients.
Our goal is to supply clients with the electronic devices they want, when they want. Guided by this thinking, we use our international network to gather information and procure products that address the diverse needs of our clients.

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