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Environmental Policy

Excel strives to be a company that uses the world’s limited resources efficiently 
and respects the environment

Basic Philosophy and Environmental Policy

Basic Philosophy

EXCEL CO., LTD. will positively promote environmentally conscious activities, including prevention of natural resource depletion, control of global warming (CO2 emissions), and conservation of biodiversity, and thereby contribute to achievement of a sustainable society as a general electronic device and component trading company.

Environmental Policy

  1. We will observe environmental laws and regulations, and other requirements to which our company has agreed.
  2. We will establish environmental targets develop activities to achieve them, and periodically review our activities to ensure continual improvement of the environmental management system and contamination prevention.
  3. We will work on the following items as important themes.
    1. ① Sales promotion of products that can decrease in environmental impact.
    2. ② Exclusion environmentally harmful chemicals.
    3. ③ Promotion of resource and energy conservation.
    4. ④ Promotion of the reduction, separation, and recycling of waste.
  4. We will disseminate this environmental policy to all employees through environmental training.
  5. We will make this environmental policy available to the public.

Nobuaki Ohtaki
President and CEO
EXCEL Co., Ltd.

ISO 14001 Certification Secured

Details of Environmental Management ISO 14001 Certification

Certification Number JQA-EM4661
Certification Date April 1, 2005
Certifying Authority Japan Quality Assurance Organization (JQA)
Scope of Registration The Wholesales of Electronic Parts
Certified Sites Head Office
Saitama Sales Branch
Mito Sales Office
Distribution Center