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Excel Co., Ltd., carried out the business integration scheme with Kaga Electronics Co.,Ltd.on April 1,2020.The company has made a new start as a wholly⁻owned subsidiary of the Kaga Electronics group.
Since the company's establishment in 1961,we at Excel Co.,Ltd.have promoted our business by arranging the system that enables us to consistently provide our clients with the state⁻of⁻the⁻art technology and information,as well as the most advanced and excellent products and solutions.All of its officers and employees intend to devote ourselves to the business,so that we will be able to continue providing our clients with satisfaction.
For our company to continue to be trusted by the society into the future, we have dedicated ourselves to the execution of “Ex21”, and we aim at “contributing to society and improving the value of our company” by sharing the sense of values, mission and objectives among all officers and employees, as well as by working actively on activities in consideration of the environment toward global environmental protection.

Shintaro Kakei
Chairman and President Executive Director
Excel Co., Ltd.